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The Novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has profoundly affected how we live and work on a daily basis. HR Proactive Inc.’s team of professionals wanted to do our part to help companies navigate the impact these changes have on the workplace.

HR Proactive Inc. has researched and developed a downloadable Workplace Policy Template as well as COVID-19 Online Workplace Action Plan Video Training.

Our Policy Template can be customized to meet your company’s specific requirements.

COVID-19: Online Workplace Action Plan Training Video Modules include: 

– COVID-19: Maintaining Healthy Workplaces
– COVID-19: PPE-Respiratory Protection**
– COVID-19: Disinfecting the Workplace**
– COVID-19: Adjusting to Working-from-Home
– COVID-19: Managing Stress through Resiliency

**Available in English and Spanish

Being informed is the best way to protect yourself, your family,  your workplace and your community.

Stay Informed:

World Health Organization (WHO)










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Benefits of a COVID-19 Workplace Policy include:


  • Implementing safety protocols for workers to follow at all times;
  • Outlining personal protective measures to adhere to in the workplace;
  • Temporary changes to sick leave policy including clear guidelines for workers if they are or become ill;
  • Health and wellness supports and guidance available for those feeling overwhelmed;
  • Changes to daily workplace routines and requirements;
  • Expectations for alternate work hours or work-at-home option;
  • Discrimination and social stigma prevention within the workplace.

Our COVID-19 Policy Template is customizable allowing you to incorporate specifics related to your workplace.

Policy $199.99

Today’s workplaces are usually open-concept spaces, and often involve working in close proximity to others. Because of this close-contact environment, there are safety protocols that need to be observed to keep everyone as safe as possible, and minimize workplace impact.

Some protocols include:

  • Physical distancing must be practiced! Stay at least 6’ (2m) from others, and message co-workers rather than walking over to their desk.
  • Avoid conference-room meetings if possible, opting for virtual meetings instead.
  • Move as far away from anyone as possible if you have to sneeze or cough.
  • Always sneeze or cough into a tissue or if you have no tissue, your elbow.
  • Throw used tissues in the trash can immediately.
  • Handwash frequently, or use hand sanitizer if it’s not possible to access soap and water.
  • Most importantly, if you are feeling sick, stay home!


Just-in-Time Policy Template and Online Video Training Solution
for Workplaces to address COVID-19.

HR Proactive Inc. introduces a proactive, positive solution with our COVID-19 Policy Template and Video Bundle. A cost-effective way to implement changes to the way we work, and educate workers on how to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.


  • Customizable Policy Template (Word document)
  • 20-Minute Video ‘COVID-19: Maintaining Healthy Workplaces’
  • Alternate Methods of Delivery available

COVID-19 Policy Template and Video Bundle available for $399.99.

Ask us about our other newly released programs related to COVID-19 Online Workplace Action Plan Training.

  • COVID-19: PPE-Respiratory Protection**
  • COVID-19: Disinfecting the Workplace**
  • COVID-19: Adjusting to Working-From-Home
  • COVID-19: Managing Stress through Resiliency

**Available in English and Spanish

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